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New Orleans Water MeterStarNew Orleans Water MeterYeah u Right!!!

Ya’ll nolah2o.com is born and raised family owned business centrally located in New Orleans. We started making these doormats because we love the icon and the Crescent City. People seem to like them and so we make this other great stuff with an emphasis on authenticity and quality. Anyone who’s ever lived in New Orleans recognizes the starry, art-deco design of the city’s water meter lids.

Designed by Edwin Ford in the early 1920s, the crescent moon and stars became so sought after that people actually used to pilfer them, so much so that for a time the city tried to replace them with plain ones to try to stop the theft. Nevertheless, the 85-year-old design has become an iconic symbol of the city.

We appreciate your interest in our endeavors. Our mission is still being defined, but we aim to serve our customers. We love to ski and go to the Mardi Gras. A powder day in Vail, like a summer day in Nantucket is unforgettable…